In 2010 I needed dentures all of a sudden. At 43 I never thought I'd have to get dentures at such a young age. My sister who lives in Florida & I were talking about it and after we hung up she talked to my brother-in-law who'd had the same issues years ago and they decided to help me get dentures. She took out a loan through Care Credit.

I went in to the Allcare in Avon Indiana and set up all of my appointments with Jonathan, the office manager at the time. I went in a while later and had all of my upper teeth extracted. When they started that process they don't tell you if you've got scar tissue the Novocaine burns and wont numb you as it does normal tissue. The pain was excruciating but did he stop ? No ! He just became totally pissed at me for making it difficult for him. He told me he was done & I asked why & he said he didn't have time for a whiner. After the uppers were done I came back 2 weeks later for the lowers and when I got there I was told they've got to reschedule & I'd have to go out to the far east side to another store. Anyway, teeth all out and partially healed went in to be fit for my teeth which were cast while I still had my old teeth in. They gave me my teeth, which they called temporary and said after all my swelling was gone I'd be able to be cast for my new permanent ones. A month later I go in, mind you that my sister has already paid $6,000.00, I asked for Jonathan and was told he was no longer with the company. I was kinda in shock when they said that but thought oh well everything should be okay. I go in the back for my appointment and asked when I was being fit for my permanent dentures and the nurse said, "Those ARE your permanent ones." I looked at her and told her that no they weren't and explained to her the agreement Jonathan & I had & she says well I'm sorry but he's no longer here & we can't do that. Of course I flipped out and she scurried off to get the "NEW" office manager. He came in and I explained the situation and he was about to say something when I looked at him & said, "I have the contract and you were paid $6000.00 for the temporary set and a permanent sent and 3 years of adjustments. He finally looked at the nurse & gave her the permission to cast my permanents.

About 3 or 4 days later I come in and get my permanents put in. Mind you that there wasn't any questions from them like, "How do they fit?" or such. They said, "Mr Petty on your way out set up an appointment to come back and get your first adjustment & we'll go from there." I said okay & went out front and set it up for 7 to 10 days later. When I go in for my appointment and walk up to the door I find it locked and they building empty and a note on the door saying "OUT OF BUSINESS" I was soooo PISSED and could do nothing about it. On top of that my sister wasted her money.

I went yesterday, to another dentiset to get my dentures relined and went back today,(2/21/2013) to get my uppers back & was told that my dentures that Allcare had made weren't made right and that the ONLY way to fix my problem was to throw these away and start over completely. The problem being is that I no longer have the money to do that even though the dentist I went to for the reline refunded me 70% of my money back because he felt bad because of what Allcare did & he couldn't fix it. So I'm out $6,000.00, let me rephrase that. My sister is out the $6000.00 and I still cant eat normal. Also the center of my dentures are wrong. Its a 1/2 inch to the left. If you look at my photos I've sent you'll see my lowers are so bad that I have to buy a product that I can only find at CVS called thermoplastic which is like a rubber/plastic material that costs $8.00 a tube & is the only thing that makes them fit.

I pray that karma pays back these truly dishonest people who it seems to me that when they decided to start their business planned to be dishonest right from the start.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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So sad this happened to you. It was a mistake to:

1.Neglect your teeth for years, then have every one extracted.

2. Go to a sleazy cheap denture joint instead of a regular dentist.

Sure didn't save any money trying to save money, did you?

to Anonymous #1033958

You are a complete and total awhole and I suspect a dentist as well by the sarcasim in your tone. Good thing you remain anonymous or else you'd stand to lose some business now wouldn't you?

This man states he had to get dentures all of a sudden.

It does NOT state anywhere in any shape or form that he "neglected them for years" as you are so quick to imply and intone. This could have very well been due to genetics, medications or a myriad of underlying medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes just to name a few so please do us all a favor and remove yourself from your DDS highhorse and practice being a human being. Although you attempt to masquerade in a veil of anonymity it is still quite apparent and appaling as well as revolting the amount of abrasive insensitivity you have obviously obtained through years of practice much like many of your competitors.

Personally I find it absolutely revolting that any person with at least a shred of dignity and any self respect what-so-ever could wilingly choose to attempt to demoralize this persons obvious misfortune and try to manipulate the situation and twist it around into something else entirely? A 9th grader has more human empathy and social skills than you ??

Sleazy cheap denture?!? Puh-leaze!! This man had to borrow 6 THOUSAND DOLLARS from his sister and STILL did NOT RECEIVE teeth he could EAT WITH ?? The place just went out of business for heavens sake??

What would you suggest ?? That he PAY YOU 15-20K for dentures so you can line your pockets with profits and continue to berate and belittle the unfortunate that have put their trust in licensed DDS and ultimately somehow been betrayed??

This man is a victim.

A victim of circumstances beyond his control. Get that through your thick head and go troll elsewhere why don't you??

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