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Allcare Dental Ripoff. I went to Allcare because my insurance changed and they took it.

They said I needed a procedure not covered by my insurance and gave me a price. I had the procedure done and paid at the time. They billed my insurance and added a $34 charge for dental hygiene instruction. I called and complained about it, wrote many times but they still keep sending me the bill.

They had scheduled me for two appointments that could have been handled in one.

I believe they overcharge, inflate bills and add charges to paid bills. Stay away from Allcare!

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It is not about the care or what they charge. It is about the fact that I was told the charge, agreed to it, had the procedure done and paid for it before I left the office.

The issue is that they added something on after I paid and left.

Now they are hounding me over that charge. I don't feel that it is ethical treatment.


Check what other dentists charge for each of the services before throwing around accusations. The charges are comparable or less to others in the same market. Did you even bother to do that before bashing a company?

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