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didnt get my dentures and cheated me out of money. they also left a partial tooth i was suppose to get a set of dentures refitted after my gums healed from total extraction of all my teeth.i paid cash and my insurance company overpaid them and they didnt give me back any of my money.

they said they would give me 500. after the insurance company paid them because i paid cash upfront.

when i went to the appointment they set up for me they were closed. the they got a collection agency to send me a notice that i owe them money,

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I want to sue all care dental, I was not happy from day one when i went in there but it was the only dentist that would take my insurance..i never seen the same so called dentist..had a different one every time..had one that ran around with his face covered and only could see his eyes..all covered up in white..when he pulled my teeth one side of my mouth he messed up and the gu itself has a big groove and didn't heal right cause of the way he pulled them my partical doesn't fit right...i wanted them to pull all of them but they said that those two front ones are good, so i got a partical, but paid for a full..they ripped me off big time..and i will soon be seeing a lawyer over this matter..

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