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The main office in New York called this morning (12/20/2010)to reschedule my appointment for 10:30 this morning. The reason for rescheduling was "the office was closed to allow staff to be with family and friends for the holidays".

They did offer me a 10% discount for waiting. That won't even cover the over the counter pain medication to control this monster in my mouth.

The appointment was made last week (12/15). Do they not tell their staff what the schedule is a week in advance? Not to mention it is a holiday? Do they even care? Needless to say, they won't see my teeth this year or next.

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Rush, Kentucky, United States #230956

The employees did not know this ahead of time. We were told on Dec 17th that the entire company would be shut down for the last two weeks of the year due to "saving money".

We (the employees) were told to reschedule all of the patients for the next two weeks. On Dec 31, we were contacted and told Allcare wold not be reopening after the first of the year and as of Monday, Jan 3, all lines would be disconnected so patients could not reach anyone. I believe I speak for many other Allcare employees when I say I truly apologize to all of our patients for the corporations actions.

I have made many friendships with our patients in the Chatt, TN office and wish that we could contact each and every one of you personally. I wish you all the best of luck, patients and caring employees.


They say they were closed to give their employees time with our families?... that is BS right there....

they layed us all off two weeks before Christmas with a guarantee of a job on Jan 3rd....

then on New Years eve, called us all and told us we were terminated and they will not be reopening... My suggestion, get a lawyer and sue them.


No, they really did only tell the employees the day before they were "shutting down" for 2 weeks. They asked us to call all the patients and reschedule (assuring both the employees and patients they would resume normal business on 1/3).

Then they called on 12/31 and notified employees that they were closing all offices and terminating all employment. If you have an appt.

scheduled you better find another dental office to go to quickly...they did the employees and patients a huge injustice. It is obvious they were not being truthful with anyone.


Well, There are so many horror stories from the inside. Corporate do discriminate against people from different color/regions.

They don;t give botices t anyone of their own employees before they do it. They make decisin that effect he whole company that never been proven successful. they are unorgabized in doing business.

They are corrupt, should I go on? No one likes to work for this company, across the board!


Obviously, no they don't know their schedule ahead of time. We (the employees) didn't even know we were going to be closed.

Apparently, some of the offices won't be opening back, ever. I could go on and on with horror stories from "the inside" but I've decided to just put this behind me and move on.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #226943

Hi. This company is complete bull ***.

They are shutting a whole lot of offices down and laying a ton of their employees off in the pa and OH area. I would suggest that you look for another dental office.

One day the office is open and then when you go to the office the next day they are shut down. BEWARE.

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