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Cincinnati ohio(glenway ave)-My daughter needs braces and we were refered to Allcare. I made an appointment for consullt and it took 3 months to get in.

I figured this was normal because I never needed alot of dental work myself. we were on time and was forced to wait 2 hours to be seen for 10 mins. Noone even told us what the wait was about. And when i asked I was given major additude and instead of getting us taken cre of the front desk people argued over who's fault it was and it took another half hour.

We nearlly walked out but I figured since we waited so long I'd atleast get her teeth acceessed and see how bad they were and then maybe get another dentist to do the work. The dentist himself wasnt impolite but he suggested we switch to caresource because our plan are less likley to approve braces which seems fishy to me. It sounds like he knows there is easy $$ to be made. Also while we were there nother womn had fit.

All we could derive from her yelling is that they "disrespected" her teenage daughter. We didnt see anything because they were in a room but they stormeed out and she was on a rampage. I wont be taking my child back there and in foresight we should hd left as soon as we walked in because the waiting room was very run down and dirty.

really how much are decent chirs and some paint? If they cant take care of thier own building (grafiti and paint peeling and the wood chairs were rickity) then why trust them with your health?

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I believe this place used to be called Fuches Dental Care in Western Hills Plaza. I took my son there once when his regular dentist went out of business so suddenly he was a news item.

I was desperate because my son needed to be seen by a dentist right away. This was years ago and I noticed then that the office was shabby and the equipment was older. They did, however, give me a speedy appointment and the hygienist, and elderly man, was very kind and patient.

The dentist was okay, but not good enough that I felt comfortable going back. We go to a different dentist now.

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